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When I first started working in an office full-time, there were more than 20 cafes and restaurants from which I could buy breakfast, lunch, or coffee – and for my first few weeks on the job, that’s precisely what I did.

I’d start each day with a pit stop at the nearby Starbucks (this was the nineties) for a morning latte. At lunchtime, I’d wander into a different deli or to-go cafe and buy whatever tempted me – sometimes soup, sometimes a sandwich, and sometimes both. haha

After about a month of treating myself to store-bought coffee and prepared lunches, I got my first credit card bill since starting my job, and it was a real eye-opener. I discovered that over the course of just three to four weeks, I’d managed to spend over £200 on food and drink alone...

Packing your own soup or sandwich and bringing it to work, will save you thousands of pounds a year and let's face it those meal deals are rank! The Guardian newspaper has estimated the average commuter will save £50k over their working life.

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