Welcome Back WAKEcup!


Hello Everyone,

As you may have noticed, our Instagram page @GlobalWAKEcup recently closed and sadly we have been unable to recover it. We first realised we had been hacked when we received an email asking for payment in return for the new login details. This was heartbreaking as we knew any initial payment was only likely to lead to further requests for money.

Instead of paying the scammers and giving them the finances to target others, we decided to take a stand against those who choose to extort small businesses and will be donating the full amount requested to our good friends at Marine Conservation Society.

After a long struggle with Instagram, we have been able to retain the @GlobalWAKEcup name, but unfortunately, over 1000 original posts and 53,000 followers are gone... So we are asking all our friends, collaborators and partners to help rebuild what is lost.

Simply letting people know we’re back by retagging us in your images, post and stories would be a fantastic start! We will also be offering 25% off to all those who post new images with #welcomebackwakecup. We will continue to donate a WAKEcup to NHS staff with every order, as well as our donation of 10% profits to The Marine Conservation Society.

Thank you for your continued support during this time, please feel free to share our message with your friends and family. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The hack was limited to our Instagram page, as such, no customer or company data was accessed.


Thank you again,

The GlobalWAKEcup Team

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