Sally's Natural, Kitchen Cleaning Recipes.

Ever since we started  running our Zero Waste Inspiration series on Instagram, we've had a steady stream of people asking about some of the homemade cleaning products that we featured on stories. Sally who looks after Global WAKEcup's instagram has pulled together the ingredients and steps to make them.

Take it away Sally...

Hi Everyone! I started doing this for 2 reasons, firstly to reduce waste the number of plastic bottles filled with cleaning products, but also because I have eczema on my hands so have to avoid most chemicals.

I basically have 2 different cleaners I make myself. One with vinegar to give things a thorough clean, and the other is a degreaser which is brilliant at lifting off more stubborn dirt. These are pretty much all I need around the house! The only additional thing I use is some hydrogen peroxide to disinfect surfaces when necessary - but I buy it in a big carton and decant onto a glass spray bottle to keep single-use plastic bottle to a minimum. I also either buy glass bottles of vinegar or a large carton, as like a lot of people i'd like to live a less wasteful life and the Kitchen can be a nightmare for single-use products. 




White vinegar

Orange and lemon peel

Hot boiled water

1/2 teaspoon of glycerine

Essential oils (I used orange, bergamot and lemon but I have also used orange and cinnamon)

So this does smell a bit vinegar-like as you spray it but the smell soon goes, leaving the citrus and essential oil scent.

Basically, you need to fill a large jar with orange and lemon peelings, pour in your white vinegar and leave to infuse in the fridge for up to 2 weeks. Then strain the infusion and pour into a bottle until it is filled halfway. Top it up with boiled water, and add around 10-20drops of essential oil along with the 1/2 teaspoon of glycerin. Shake it all up and its ready to go.





500ml Just boiled water

1 teaspoon Soda crystals

2 tablespoons of liquid castile soap

15 drops Lemon essential oil

10 drops of eucalyptus essential oil

3 drops of rosemary essential oil and/or fresh rosemary.

¼ teaspoon of glycerine


Pour the hot water into a measuring jug and add the soda crystals. Stir until fully dissolved. Pop all of it into your glass spray bottle and add the remaining ingredients. Give it a good shake! This stuff has worked wonders on cleaning up the carnage after the kids have eaten. I use it on the hob as well as its great at getting dried food off!


Happy cleaning!




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