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Bamboo - The most sustainable material on the planet?

Bamboo is everywhere these days; from toothbrushes to coffee cups.  It is seen as the ultimate material in sustainability.  But what gives it these lofty credentials? Aside from its beautiful aesthetics bamboo has much to offer individuals and industries looking to drive eco-friendly initiatives and make lifelong switches to more sustainable products. Credit Why is bamboo a sustainable material? Bamboo is a type of grass.  This not only makes it great food for pandas but is also resilient and easy to grow.    It grows at a rapid rate and self-regenerates.  It’s a farmer’s dream crop.  On top of that it requires no pesticides or chemicals, making it toxin free too.   Bamboo can grow at a rate of up...

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Veganuary for beginners.

Packing lunch for yourself, partner or children is the best way to help you and your family stick to your new vegan diet. It's also a lot cheaper and nutritious then buying lunch in a supermarket and let's be honest prepacked sandwiches are gross!

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The Ethical Guide to Christmas

The zero waste movement is arguable the antithesis of Christmas – a time of  consumption and over-indulgence. But far from being for the seasonal Scrooge, buying more consciously at Christmas means all of the joy without the guilt of chucking huge amounts of leftovers in the compost bin and adding to the mountains of rubbish once celebrations are over. Merry Christmas everyone!

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