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A Starter Guide To Zero Waste Holidays

As holidays start to roll in, social media gets flooded with celebratory photos. Halloween decorations, US Thanksgiving meals, perfectly-wrapped gifts under...
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David Attenborough: Our Zero Waste Hero

Photo by Gavin Thurston Last week, natural treasure Sir David Attenborough joined Instagram, and broke a world record for the fastest...
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Welcome Back WAKEcup!

As you may have noticed, our Instagram page @GlobalWAKEcup recently closed and sadly we have been unable to recover it..

Instead of paying the scammers and giving them the finances to target others, we decided to take a stand against those who choose to extort small businesses and will be donating the full amount requested to our good friends at Marine Conservation Society.

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World Oceans Day 2020: Why We Need to #ProtectOurHome

World Oceans Day takes place on Monday 8th June 2020. It’s vital that we rally together around the world to help regenerate our blue planet; scientists say that oceans can be restored to their former glory within 30 years, but only if we accelerate conservation efforts now. Read on to find out how to get involved in the fight to #ProtectOurHome.
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Test your knowledge on plastic pollution

How much do you know about plastic, and its impact on the planet? Test your knowledge on plastic pollution with this quiz.
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Holding Back A Second Wave of Single Use Plastic

The Coronavirus pandemic has brought on a new wave of single use plastics. While safe PPE for healthcare workers like gloves,...
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