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 Sally's Natural, Kitchen Cleaning Recipes. Ever since we started  running our Zero Waste Inspiration series on Instagram, we've had a steady stream of people asking about some of the homemade cleaning products that we featured on stories. Sally who looks after Global WAKEcup's instagram has pulled together the ingredients and steps to make them. Take it away Sally... Hi Everyone! I started doing this for 2 reasons, firstly to reduce waste the number of plastic bottles filled with cleaning products, but also because I have eczema on my hands so have to avoid most chemicals. I basically have 2 different cleaners I make myself. One with vinegar to give things a thorough clean, and the other is a degreaser which is...

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Turtle Power! Top 10 Turtle Facts.

To help celebrate these magnificent group of reptiles we have put together our Top 10 Turtle facts, which we hope you enjoy whilst drinking your morning cuppa. Please do share some turtle love on World Turtle Day by dropping these facts casually into conversation on May 23rd!

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The Latte Levy - Fighting Single-Use Plastic Cups

  The Latte Levy - Fighting Single-Use Plastic Cups You may have heard the term latte levy and wondered what it means? We explain what it’s all about and why it’s such a hot topic. As a nation of tea and coffee lovers, it comes as no surprise that the average Brit spends £2,210 in coffee shops every year. Unfortunately, this coffee obsession has had some serious consequences for our planet and the numbers soon add up. For example, did you know, every year it is estimated that 2.1 billion single-use coffee cups end up in landfills throughout the UK? In the UK, charities are striving to help reduce our waste and encourage recycling, and whilst the Local Government Association reports...

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