WAKEbag Tote Bag

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Our stylish, sustainably sourced vegan shopping bag has a contemporary brown paper finish and is perfect for reducing your single-use plastic bag consumption.

This is one of our range of 100% waterproof, washable, lightweight, yet extremely durable vegan bags. This bag should last you a lifetime.

Our range of WAKEbags grow old gracefully, gaining a patina just like leather with everyday use. It’s washable even and lightweight and is the perfect size to fit daily shopping, a laptop, reusable coffee cup and all your daily bits and pieces.

A beautifully made everyday vegan bag made from poly paper fibres which are spun and then bonded together to create the look of brown paper, but with the durability and thickness of the strongest bag.

Dimensions: 230 x 420 x 130mm


Zero Waste Tip
Always carry a zero waste kit with you (Reusable, bag, cup, bottle, straw, napkin, cutlery etc). Leave it by the door at night and have a second kit at work or in the car for spontaneous trips.

Last Updated: Feb 26, 2020