WAKEcup Reusable Bamboo Straws (pack of 8)

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"It's just one plastic straw" said 7 billion people...

Did you know a quite unbelievable 8.5 billion plastic straws are used in the UK each year? Make the switch to reusable today and do your bit to clean up our shared beaches.

Our sustainably sourced bamboo straws are reusable, recyclable and compostable. Just give them a quick rinse under a tap or a soak in water and they're as good as new.

WAKEcup straws come in a pack of 8 and are approx 20cm in length and 0.8cm diameter. Please be aware as our straws are made from organic material each straw is unique in colour and size.

If you care about the planet and future generations enjoyment of it, choose WAKEcup and 10% of profits will go directly to our eco-charity partners The Marine Conservation Society, who campaign tirelessly to educate and prevent the devastating effects of single use plastic pollution on our oceans and marine wildlife.

Dimensions approx. 20cm x 0.8cm

Eco Quote
"The earth is a find place and worth fighting for" Ernest Hemingway

Last Updated: Jan 21, 2020