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WAKEcup Coffee Cup - GlobalWAKEcupWAKEcup Coffee CupGlobalWAKEcupCups
WAKEcup Reusable Bamboo Straws (pack of 8) - GlobalWAKEcupWAKEcup Reusable Bamboo Straws (pack of 8)GlobalWAKEcupCutlery
WAKEcup Bamboo Water Bottle - GlobalWAKEcupWAKEcup Bamboo Water BottleGlobalWAKEcupWater Bottles
WAKEcup Travel Mug - GlobalWAKEcupWAKEcup Travel MugGlobalWAKEcupCups
Copper Water Bottle - GlobalWAKEcupCopper Water BottleGlobalWAKEcupWater Bottles
Copper Water Bottle
Zero Waste Starter Kit - GlobalWAKEcupZero Waste Starter KitGlobalWAKEcupProduct Bundles
Zero Waste Starter Kit
Special Offer Bundle - GlobalWAKEcupSpecial Offer BundleGlobalWAKEcupProduct Bundles
Special Offer Bundle
Zero Waste Lunch Kit - GlobalWAKEcupZero Waste Lunch KitGlobalWAKEcupProduct Bundles
Zero Waste Lunch Kit
Eco Purse / Pencil Case - GlobalWAKEcupEco Purse / Pencil CaseGlobalWAKEcupBags
Eco Purse / Pencil Case
Zero Waste Kit - GlobalWAKEcupZero Waste KitGlobalWAKEcupProduct Bundles
Zero Waste Kit
Organic Cotton Tote Bag - GlobalWAKEcupOrganic Cotton Tote BagGlobalWAKEcupBags
Organic Cotton Tote Bag
Marine Conservation Society Mug - GlobalWAKEcupMarine Conservation Society MugGlobalWAKEcupCups
Personalised WAKEcup Thermos - GlobalWAKEcupPersonalised WAKEcup ThermosGlobalWAKEcupWater Bottles
Seahorse Water Bottle - GlobalWAKEcupSeahorse Water BottleGlobalWAKEcupWater Bottles
Seahorse Water Bottle
Bamboo Brush Bundle - GlobalWAKEcupBamboo Brush BundleGlobalWAKEcupCleaning
Washable Food Wrap- Navy - GlobalWAKEcupWashable Food Wrap- NavyLeave No Tracephysical
Zero Waste Cutlery Set - Free - GlobalWAKEcupZero Waste Cutlery Set - FreeGlobalWAKEcupCutlery
Marine Conservation Society Cup - GlobalWAKEcupMarine Conservation Society CupGlobalWAKEcupCups
Ecococonut Scourer (2 Pack) - GlobalWAKEcupEcococonut Scourer (2 Pack)Mix Clean Greencleaning products
Non-scratch Coconut scrub pad - GlobalWAKEcupNon-scratch Coconut scrub padMix Clean Green
Washable Food Wrap-Peach - GlobalWAKEcupWashable Food Wrap-PeachLeave No Tracephysical
Ecoliving Wooden Pot Brush - GlobalWAKEcupEcoliving Wooden Pot BrushMix Clean GreenCleaning Brush
WAKEcup Bamboo Food Pot - GlobalWAKEcupWAKEcup Bamboo Food PotGlobalWAKEcupFood Pot
Fig • Melon - Soy Wax Melts - GlobalWAKEcupFig • Melon - Soy Wax MeltsOtter Candle CoWax Melt
Kitchen Gift Set - GlobalWAKEcupKitchen Gift SetLeave No Tracephysical
Washable Food Wrap- Mustard - GlobalWAKEcupWashable Food Wrap- MustardLeave No Tracephysical
No 1 Organic Eau de Parfum - GlobalWAKEcupNo 1 Organic Eau de ParfumHaomaPerfume
Mineral Foundation - GlobalWAKEcupMineral FoundationAll EarthPrep the Skin
Coffee • Hazelnut - GlobalWAKEcupCoffee • HazelnutOtter Candle CoCandle
Oud • Amber - Soy Wax Melts - GlobalWAKEcupOud • Amber - Soy Wax MeltsOtter Candle CoWax Melt