Recycled Materials

Mix ‘Three’ Cloth - GlobalWAKEcupMix ‘Three’ ClothMix Clean Greencleaning products
Mix Kit - GlobalWAKEcupMix KitMix Clean Greencleaning products
Mix Kit
Multi Mix starter bottle - GlobalWAKEcupMulti Mix starter bottleMix Clean Greencleaning products
Whizz Mix - GlobalWAKEcupWhizz MixMix Clean Greencleaning products
Whizz Mix
Shiny Mix - GlobalWAKEcupShiny MixMix Clean Greencleaning products
Shiny Mix
Spray trigger - GlobalWAKEcupSpray triggerMix Clean Greencleaning products
Spray trigger
Our Essentials - GlobalWAKEcupOur EssentialsGherane
Our Essentials
Reset Facial Oil - 30ml - GlobalWAKEcupReset Facial Oil - 30mlGherane
Hydrating Serum - 50ml - GlobalWAKEcupHydrating Serum - 50mlGherane
Universal Balm - 30ml - GlobalWAKEcupUniversal Balm - 30mlGherane
The Hydrating Serum & The Reset Facial Oil duo - GlobalWAKEcupThe Hydrating Serum & The Reset Facial Oil duoGherane
Handmade Patchouli & Citronella Soap - GlobalWAKEcupHandmade Patchouli & Citronella SoapHaomaSoap
Handmade Unscented Soap - GlobalWAKEcupHandmade Unscented SoapHaomaSoap
Handmade Tea Tree & Orange Soap - GlobalWAKEcupHandmade Tea Tree & Orange SoapHaomaSoap
Mineral Illuminator Refill - GlobalWAKEcupMineral Illuminator RefillAll EarthRefills
Mineral Illuminator Shot - GlobalWAKEcupMineral Illuminator ShotAll EarthMineral Shots
Mineral Bronzer Shot - GlobalWAKEcupMineral Bronzer ShotAll EarthMineral Shots
Mineral Bronzer Refill - GlobalWAKEcupMineral Bronzer RefillAll EarthRefills
Mineral Bronzer Pot for Life - GlobalWAKEcupMineral Bronzer Pot for LifeAll EarthWarmth & Contour
Mineral Concealer Refill - GlobalWAKEcupMineral Concealer RefillAll EarthRefills
Mineral Finishing Powder Shot - GlobalWAKEcupMineral Finishing Powder ShotAll EarthMineral Shots
Mineral Contour Shots - GlobalWAKEcupMineral Contour ShotsAll EarthMineral Shots
Mineral Contour Refill - GlobalWAKEcupMineral Contour RefillAll EarthRefills
Mineral Concealer Shot - GlobalWAKEcupMineral Concealer ShotAll EarthMineral Shots
Eye Cream - GlobalWAKEcupEye CreamBurrows and Beesphysical
Eye Cream
Lip Balm - GlobalWAKEcupLip BalmBurrows and Beesphysical
Lip Balm
Body Bar - GlobalWAKEcupBody BarBurrows and Beesphysical
Body Bar