Lunch Bag

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A stylish, sustainably sourced lunch bag with a contemporary brown paper bag finish. One of our range of waterproof, lightweight yet extremely durable WAKEbags.

Our vegan lunch bag grows old gracefully, gaining a patina just like leather with everyday use. It’s washable and lightweight and is the perfect size to fit all your lunch needs including a bottle of drink.

Our Lunch bag is easy to clean, insulated, comes with a handle and a magnetic open/close clasp. A nice touch is the pocket in the back, so that you can include a message for that extra personalised touch, each time the recipient has their lunch.

During manufacture, poly paper fibres are spun and then bonded together to create the look of a brown paper bag, but with the durability and thickness of the strongest rucksack.Choose WAKEcup and 10% of profits will go directly to our eco-charity partners The Marine Conservation Society who campaign tirelessly to educate and prevent the devastating effects of single-use food packaging pollution on our oceans and marine wildlife.



Did you know?
Beef is by far the meat with the biggest impact on the environment. It's carbon footprint is high and cows emit huge amounts of methane too.

Last Updated: Feb 26, 2020