Looking after your WAKEcup

We recommend that you look after your WAKEcup by rinsing under the tap / hand washing after use. We also suggest hand drying straight after washing, to keep the organic Bamboo in the best possible condition.

Please don't put your WAKEcup in the dishwasher or microwave. Intense heat will warp the bamboo over time and will eventually cause the cup to fall apart. 

Research tells us that you will get 2 to 3 years of use out of your WAKEcup if you use it every day and care for it as suggested. At the end of the products life, we recommend you either break the cup down to its constituent parts and recycle or return too us where we will do it for you. 

WAKEcup, St Johns Studios, 6-8 Church Road, Richmond, TW9 2QA, UK.

Everybody using our End of Life service for any WAKE product will be eligible for a new 'like for like' item at half price. We can also provide new lids for all our WAKEcups  for those that have become damaged or lost. Please contact nick@globalwakecup.com for further details.

Did you know.....Bamboo is a grass rather than wood as many people assume. It's an amazing material to work with, strong yet malleable,  it's one of the fastest growing plants on earth which makes it 100% sustainable when farmed correctly, it also has antiseptic properties. Remarkable!