We love to make new friends at GlobalWAKEcup. 
Friends who share our values and outlook on life.
Friends who help us share our story and spread the word of our brand. 


Our Influencer Marketing Program

We're looking for Instagram influencers who want to collaborate with GlobalWAKEcup to promote an ethical zero waste lifestyle. We will guide you through the process and provide support you may need.

Who can join? We prioritise influencers in the UK and have also collaborated with EU, US, Canadian and Australian influencers, etc. Why should you join? We'll send you the products you love and a custom coupon or competition stock to share with your followers. We occasionally work with influencers on a long term, brand ambassador basis.
Please apply with your Instagram profile
We review all applications but reserve the right to select only the influencers who align closely with our brand values.
You're in control.
Once your application has been approved, you will get an email from one of the GlobalWAKEcup team. We will offer creative suggestions and key dates for posting but we always want you to do it your way!