WAKEcup And Smell The Coffee Podcast.

No intelligent species would destroy their own environment. BBC presenters and Marine Conservation Society ambassadors Lizzie Daly and Tom ‘The Blowfish’ Hird lift the lid on the biggest man-made environmental issues of today. If you want to know how humans have left a footprint that has changed the planet forever and what you can personally do to live a more sustainable, zero waste life, then this is the podcast series for you.

Episode 2 - The Deadliest Species On Earth
Great White Shark, Mosquito or Homo sapiens? Tom and Lizzie reveal we are in the middle of a sixth mass extinction, with 60% of animal species having been wiped out since the 1970’

Episode 1 - Single-Use, Single Planet.
It’s just one plastic straw said 7.7 Billion people.  Lizzie and Tom discuss how single-use plastic has reached the remotest parts of the planet, including the bottom of the Mariana Trench. Revealing how plastic pollution injures and kills millions of marine animals such as dolphins and turtles every year and how it has now entered the human food chain. They explain the simple, everyday changes everyone can make to remove single-use plastic from their life and move towards a reusable and sustainable lifestyle.