"WAKEcup and smell the coffee" Podcast Series.

WAKEcup And Smell The Coffee Podcast.

No intelligent species would destroy their own environment. BBC presenters and Marine Conservation Society ambassadors Lizzie Daly and Tom ‘The Blowfish’ Hird lift the lid on the biggest man-made environmental issues of today. If you want to know how humans have left a footprint that has changed the planet forever and what you can personally do to live a more sustainable, zero waste life, then this is the podcast series for you.

Episode 6 - Did you know that the fashion industry creates 10% of the world’s total carbon emissions? Tom and Lizzie get out of their comfort zones to discuss the impact of “Fast Fashion” on the planet, uncovering an industry where an item of clothing can cost less than the shipping! But at what environmental and social cost to the people who make the clothes?

Episode 5 - Climate Change is the phrase most commonly used when discussing the world’s climate and temperature but should we be using the term climate crisis? in this episode of "WAKEcup and Smell The Coffee” Tom and Lizzie tackle the most important issue the world faces today. Asking why our politicians are not taking the lead and with a climate change denier in The White House can anything positive happen in the near future?

Episode 4 - Do you eat chocolate, clean your teeth after with toothpaste or perhaps put a bit of lipstick on for a night out? If so, you’re part of the great palm oil debate, as this widespread ingredient is in all those products and thousands more. A WWF report described the palm oil industry as a disaster for global biodiversity and found that 193 species on the endangered list including orang-utans, gibbons and tigers were suffering severe harm by deforestation and habitat loss caused directly by the Palm Oil Industry. Tom and Lizzie delve into the murky world of oil production in South East Asia and discover things aren’t as clear cut as you may think, revealing how the alternatives would use up to 10 time more land to product the same oil yield and how the industry raises 100’s of thousands of people out of extreme poverty each year . Sustainable Palm Oil initiatives such as those in the Gabon could be the answer to an issue that affects everyone, whilst acknowledging there’s no magic bullet as yet.



Episode 3 - Hands up if you want to reduce marine pollution and help protect our oceans!? Resident GlobalWAKEcup experts Tom ’The Blowfish’ Hird and Lizzie Daly discuss the recent ocean conservation success stories including: Comebacks for the rare short-snouted seahorses, the return of the curled Octopus and sightings of basking sharks off the coast of Wales for the first time in decades. Along with special guest, marine biologist and director of communications at The Marine Conservation Society Richard Harrington, they reveal what’s being done to reverse the decades of abuse our polluted seas have endured and you’ll find out what you can do to turn back the tide on plastic waste and ocean pollution.

Episode 2 - The Deadliest Species On Earth
Great White Shark, Mosquito or Homo sapiens? Tom and Lizzie reveal we are in the middle of a sixth mass extinction, with 60% of animal species having been wiped out since the 1970’s. They discuss how untamed consumption by an ever-growing human population has increased the conflict between humanity and wildlife, as the two come into ever-closer contact. Revealing how innovative conservation tourism programmes, can be an effective way to combat conflict at a local and global level.

Episode 1 - Single-Use, Single Planet.
It’s just one plastic straw said 7.7 Billion people.  Lizzie and Tom discuss how single-use plastic has reached the remotest parts of the planet, including the bottom of the Mariana Trench. Revealing how plastic pollution injures and kills millions of marine animals such as dolphins and turtles every year and how it has now entered the human food chain. They explain the simple, everyday changes everyone can make to remove single-use plastic from their life and move towards a reusable and sustainable lifestyle.


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