Are you ready to take the challenge?

Can you go 24 hours without purchasing or using any single-use coffee cups, water bottles, food packaging, straws or bags? Give it a go today and tag @globalWAKEcup and #1dayplasticfree

WAKEcup and our charity partners The Marine Conservation Society are aiming to inspire 1 Million people around the world to take part in the challenge over the course of 2019. As well as having a direct impact on single-use consumption, we hope our fun challenge will make people mindful of the small changes we can all make to our daily routine to reduce our single-use plastic footprint.  

You can take the challenge on any day this year and by sharing the campaign message, your success stories, zero waste tips and (please be honest!) any epic fails with your network of followers, you'll be letting your friends but also big businesses and government institutions know that we want to end our throwaway culture now!

Sign up to the challenge here and we will send you the artwork to share and support the initiative. Plus if you add in the code ZWC at checkout you'll receive your challenge bag for FREE !

WAKEcup and our charity partners The Marine Conservation Society are asking everyone who takes part to donate the cost of your daily takeaway coffee. All donations will be put to good use by MCS helping clean our shared seas and beaches DonateJustGivingPage.

By purchasing this Fair-trade, organic cotton  "1 Day No Single-Use Plastic Challenge" Bag a further £2 will go to The Marine Conservation Society - the UK’s leading charity for the protection of our seas, shores and wildlife. For over thirty years MCS has been the voice for the sea for all the fascinating creatures that live beneath the waves, for our breath-taking coastal environment, for all those who make a sustainable living from the sea and for everyone who simply enjoys visiting the beach and our glorious coastline.

We can't wait to see you post the beautiful artwork and see the stories, pictures and videos from your challenge day on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Don't forget to tag  @GlobalWAKEcup using #1dayplasticfree