Dolphin Coffee Cup - Animal Equality Partnership

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Limited Edition Dolphin Cup in association with Animal Equality.

Animal Equality is a leading animal protection charity speaking up for farmed animals across the world, dedicated to ending the global crisis generated by animal agriculture.

Using powerful undercover investigations, alongside an immersive VR experience (iAnimal), Animal Equality works tirelessly to inform consumers about the realities of intensive farming practices. The charity also strives to bring about legislative change through strategic legal advocacy campaigns and liaises with corporations to abolish some of the cruellest industry practices.

The charity’s vision is a world in which animals are protected and respected. To learn more visit . 

Global WAKECup x Animal Equality UK
Plastic has a devastating impact on our seas, but many people are not aware that almost half of the ocean’s plastic is made up of ‘ghost gear’ - discarded and dumped fishing nets. Thousands of miles of nets and lines are set in the ocean every day; they pose a serious threat to marine life, as fish, mammals and other sea creatures become entangled in the deadly floating nets. In the last 50 years 90% of large fish populations have been wiped out.

That’s why Global WAKECup have designed a special edition reusable mug especially for Animal Equality UK, featuring a dolphin, to bring light to this issue!

10% of profits from these mugs will go to Animal Equality UK


Zero Waste Tip
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Last Updated: Mar 31, 2020