Premium Loose Leaf, Green Tea and Infuser

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WAKEcup and Stir Me!

The ultimate Gift Set for any tea lover... Grown on the Western Highlands of Kenya, indulge yourself in the smooth and delicate taste of Stir Me Green Tea, often known as the champagne of teas. 

Did you know the majority of tea bags contain plastic and can hang around for up to 50 years. Make the switch to loose leaf with our beautiful and practical tea infuser made from toughened double walled glass (which prevents it from getting too hot to touch, but will warm your hands on a winter day) and sustainably farmed bamboo. 

Tasting Notes: Fresh aroma, smooth with a tiny tingling of astringency on the long lasting finish. 

Condiments: lemon, honey or plain

Brew for 3-4 minutes, using 1tsp per cup.

Zero Waste Tip
Eat ice cream in a cone, rather than using a plastic spoon and non recyclable cup. We much prefer cones anyway so win, win!

Last Updated: Nov 20, 2019