Turning The Tide on Plastic - Paperback

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'THE guide on how to turn the tide on plastic' SUNDAY TIMES

Turning the Tide on Plastic is a vital tool in the battle against the Planet Plastic, as journalist, broadcaster and eco lifestyle expert Lucy Siegle delves deep into the pandemic and converts awareness into action. 

By visiting beach cleans, scientific institutions and waste collectors, and interviewing policy makers, manufacturers, retailers and householders, Such has uncovered the devastating impact of plastic pollution. Going the dots between our consumption an the crisis, she unwraps our habits and offers her 'Record, Replace, Refuse, Refill, Rethink' guide for change. Anyone can switch from being part of the problem to part of the solution. If only 12 of us adopt her strategies, we could ditch up to 15,000 single items of plastic a year. 

A powerful call to arms coupled with practical tools to make decisive change, Turing the Tide on Plastic is the essential guide to ending the reign of problem plastic today!

1 Million single-use bottles are bought every MINUTE around the globe. 

8 Million tonnes of plastic enter the sea every year, enough to circle the globe 4 times. 

It's estimated that as many as 51 trillion tiny pieces of plastic litter the world's oceans. 

And without big action, by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the seas. 




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Last Updated: Apr 09, 2020