WAKEcup Coffee Cup

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Our best-selling reusable coffee cup both online and in-store at Selfridges, has a thermal insulating double wall which will keep your coffee hot for an hour. Made from sustainably farmed bamboo and stainless steel, your daily coffee will never have tasted so good!

The WAKEcup Coffee cup holds 420ml/14oz of liquid which is about 6 extra slurps larger than the average mug size. One of only two coffee cups to pass Caffeine magazine's leak test, the 100% recyclable polypropylene lid is screw top with a flip up catch, for easy drinking whilst  you're on the go. 

Why Sustainable and Reusable?

The UK government announced earlier this year that we consume enough disposable coffee cups to fill The Royal Albert Hall, 1,000 times over...it's time to WAKEcup and smell the coffee!

If you care about the planet and future generations enjoyment of it, choose WAKEcup and 10% of profits will go directly to our eco-charity partners The Marine Conservation Society, who campaign tirelessly to educate and prevent the devastating effects of single use plastic pollution on our oceans and marine wildlife.

As the WAKEcup is made from organic bamboo, to keep it looking beautiful for many years to come, we recommend that they are washed by hand, although Buffie has put her's through the dishwasher every day for 9 months and it's still going strong!

Dimensions: 176 x 83 x 67mm

Zero Waste Tip
Always carry a zero waste kit with you (Reusable, bag, cup, bottle, straw, napkin, cutlery etc). Leave it by the door at night and have a second kit at work or in the car for spontaneous trips.

Last Updated: Mar 31, 2020