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Wooden WAKEcup

Wooden WAKEcup

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This stylish and beautiful wooden mug is a unique, natural product since the wood grain varies by year and as the tree grows. The mug is lathe-turned from one solid piece of hardwood, not from pressed and glued sections and is a superb drinking experience for the home and outdoors. We currently stock two styles, the elephant's trunk handle and the two-finger handle.

Main features

- Colour: light beechwood with some variation in grain.
- Size: 15.5 x 8.5cm/ 6.1 x  3.3inch.
- Kuksa Style: Elephant's trunk handle or Two-finger handle.
- Material: Beech.
- Portable cup for home or camping, feel like you're in the bush even if you are drinking at the kitchen table.
- Hand-rubbed smooth surface with natural wood grain.
- A special gift for everyone who likes the touch and feel of wood.
- Not just a coffee or teacup, but also a thing of beauty.
- It can also be used to drink hot chocolate (our fav), water, tea, coffee, milk or wine.

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