Zero Waste Lunch Set

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Give supermarket pre-packed sandwiches the push with our new bundle....Zero Waste Lunch set. Imagine the amount of single-use plastic waste you'll prevent from going to landfill, not to mention the money you'll save each week by making your own lunch. 

Perfect for school or office packed lunches our innovative lunch bag, will keep your meal fresh and cool all day, you can even prepare the evening before and leave in the fridge ready for when you leave the house. Easy to clean and wipe down, it even has a little pocket on the back to leave a note for the recipient if you're making lunches for loved ones. 

Each lunch set contains:

1 x vegan lunch bag

1 x bamboo water bottle 

1 x coffee cup

1 x bamboo straw. 


10% profits to the Marine Conservation Society. 

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Last Updated: Dec 06, 2019