Zero Waste Gift Set - Rucksack, Cup, Bottle, Straw

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GlobalWAKEcup's Zero Waste Gift Set is the perfect eco-friendly set and includes all the 'on the go' essentials: Rucksack, Water Bottle, Coffee Cup and Straw. Ideal for the aspiring eco warrior!

Did you know that 90% of single-use plastic waste comes in the form of the 'Big 4' - Bags, Bottles, Cups and Straws? By eliminating the Big 4 from your daily routine, you'll be directly contributing to reducing the amount of pollution in our shared oceans, and it doesn't cost the earth either!

10% of profits go directly to our eco-charity partners, The Marine Conservation Society, who work tirelessly to remove single-use plastics from our shared oceans.

Each Gift Set contains:

1 x Vegan Rucksack

1 x Water Bottle

1 x Coffee Cup

2 x Bamboo Straw 

Each gift set comes complete in:

1 x recycled cardboard gift box, tied with ribbon.